The Boris Wild Marked Deck - Bicycle Maiden Back

The world’s best marked deck is available again
in an even better version!

The Boris Wild Marked Deck is considered by many international experts as the finest marked deck in the world. Here are the reasons why it surpasses all the others:

  1. Marks hidden in plain sight
    The marking system is totally invisible for the one who is unaware of it and yet very clear for the one who knows! Plus, it has been optimized in this new version so it is even easier for you to read the marks while being even more undetectable for the audience!

  1. Super fast reading
    The marks are very fast to read. You can locate any card in a shuffled deck in no time at all. Example: you are looking for the King of Clubs. You will only need 3 or 4 seconds to find it (with the deck face down of course!) while you need at least 30 to 40 seconds with another deck to decode its marks. You know exactly where to look thanks to the unique marking system of the Boris Wild Marked Deck.

  1. A deck like any other one
    The marks are printed directly at the factory on the most popular playing cards in the magic world. You do not need anymore to spend hours marking your cards yourself like it used to be before the factory-printed deck was available. Now your deck is immediately operational! The Boris Wild Marked Deck is supplied in Bicycle quality with poker size Maiden Backs. It is printed in the United States by US Playing Card and it is available in red or blue.

  1. Ingenious, subtle and effective
    The ingenious system of his marked deck allowed Boris to fool many international experts in card magic. It is totally usable in professional conditions. It is the #1 Bicycle Marked Deck in the world.

  1. An unlimited use
    You can perform all kinds of incredible effects by getting some inspiration from the Boris Wild Marked Deck Lecture Notes. Several ideas of effects are also described in the instructions supplied with the deck.

  1. Card case under cellophane
    The deck is supplied to you in a normal Bicycle card case. Nothing can tell that it contains a marked deck. The card case itself is sealed and wrapped under cellophane like for any regular deck. You can then start your performance by opening a brand new deck of cards in front of the audience and give it for shuffling. Nobody can suspect you will use a marked deck!

  1. New back. Same quality. Extra feature.
    The Boris Wild Marked Deck is now available with Maiden Backs and the same quality of cards as the one used for the previous editions. While remaining the same, the marking system has been optimized and we have also added an extra feature that many of you asked for: an asymmetry! Therefore, the deck is even more versatile than before with lots of new possibilities!

The Boris Wild Marked Deck is the ideal companion of:
- Book Transparency
- The Boris Wild Marked Deck Lecture Notes
- The 3-DVD Set “Boris Wild's Remarkable Card Magic“

  1. Bicycle Deck factory-printed by US Playing Card.

  1. Maiden Back, Poker size.

  1. Sealed and under cellophane like a regular deck. Complete instructions in English supplied.

  1. Available in both red and blue backs.

20.00 €

The Boris Wild System is a marked deck for the 21st century. It's intelligent, unsuspecting, and it fooled me sooo bad! I love it!
Joshua Jay

For an easy and sure-fire way to read the back of any card in the deck, Boris' method is safe and unbeatable. I recommend it highly.
Aldo Colombini

Boris Wild has created a genuine masterpiece with his marked deck. You can do effects with it that you simply cannot do with any other marked deck.
Jon Allen

Boris Wild's beautiful card marking system is brilliantly constructed, surprisingly easy to use, and the top quality cards are printed by the best playing card manufacturers in the world. I’ll start with a dozen packs!“

Boris Wild's Marked Deck is one of the most ingenious and devious secret weapons of card magic.
Richard Sanders

The Boris Wild Marked Deck is the cleverest and most versatile marking system in existence today.
Dan Garrett

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