Official Marking Material for The Boris Wild Marked Deck

The marking material for the best marked deck in the world to make 4 decks!

The Boris Wild Marked Deck is considered by many international experts as the finest marked deck in the world. Here are the reasons why it surpasses all the others:

Marks hidden in plain sight
The marking system is totally invisible for the one who is unaware of it and yet very clear for the one who knows!

Super fast reading
The marks are very fast to read. You can locate any card in a shuffled deck in no time at all. Example: you are looking for the King of Clubs. You will only need 3 or 4 seconds to find it (with the deck face down of course!) while you need at least 30 seconds with another deck to decode its marks. Thanks to the unique system of the Boris Wild Marked Deck, you can locate any card very quickly.

A system created for the Bicycle Rider Back decks
The marking material is conceived to be used with Bicycle Rider Back cards which are the most popular playing cards in the magic world. You can then perform your favorite effects with your usual deck, except that you also have in your hands a fantastic tool to create wonders that would normally be impossible to do with a regular Bicycle deck.

Ingenious, subtle and effective
Thanks to its ingenious system, this marked deck allowed Boris to fool many international experts in card magic. But above all, it will allow you to perform miracles whatever your level in card magic is and it is totally usable in professional conditions. It is the system of the #1 Bicycle Marked Deck in the world.

An unlimited use
With the Boris Wild Marked Deck, you can perform any effect requiring a marked deck as well as all the ones that have been specifically created to make the most of the incredible potential of this deck and that you can find in the book Transparency or  the Boris Wild Marked Deck Lecture Notes.

Material to mark 4 decks
The supplied marking material allows you to turn four ordinary decks into four Boris Wild Marked Decks! Just take four Bicycle decks from your drawer and follow the supplied instructions so they become true card magic weapons! Plus, you can choose the color you prefer for your marked decks: red, blue or any other color according to your desire. The instructions also explain how to customize your deck so it perfectly fits your use of it.

The Official Marking Material for the Boris Wild Marked Deck is the ideal companion of:
- The Boris Wild Marked Deck Lecture Notes

A special offer including the book Transparency and the marking material is also available here:

Transparency + Official Marking Material for the Boris Wild Marked Deck

  1. Secret gimmick to mark your own Bicycle Rider Back decks.

  1. The supplied marking material allows you to make 4 Boris Wild Marked Decks. Yes, four decks!

  1. Works with red or blue decks and virtually any other color (decks not supplied).

  1. Material supplied with 13-page PDF detailed instructions.

20.00 €

The Boris Wild System is a marked deck for the 21st century. It's intelligent, unsuspecting, and it fooled me sooo bad! I love it!
Joshua Jay

Boris Wild's beautiful card marking system is brilliantly constructed and surprisingly easy to use.“

Boris Wild has created a genuine masterpiece with his marked deck. You can do effects with it that you simply cannot do with any other marked deck.
Jon Allen

Boris Wild's Marked Deck is one of the most ingenious and devious secret weapons of card magic.
Richard Sanders

The Boris Wild Marked Deck is the cleverest and most versatile marking system in existence today.
Dan Garrett

For an easy and sure-fire way to read the back of any card in the deck, Boris' method is safe and unbeatable. I recommend it highly.
Aldo Colombini

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