Boris Wild’s Mind Scanner

Turn any spectator into a mind reader!

The Mind Scanner will blow your audience away and has HUGE comic potential.

You show a deck of cards which looks absolutely normal: all the cards are different and well shuffled. You shuffle them a bit more, place the deck on the table and turn your back to the audience for a few seconds.

You then ask a spectator to cut the deck wherever she likes, complete the cut and take the card that is now on top of the pack. She looks at it without showing it to anybody and put it in her pocket. You NEVER touch the cards!

It is only now that you face the audience again. You get the deck back and show the top cards to prove that if the spectator had cut a few more cards, she would have taken a totally different card. The deck is then put aside and will not be used again in the experience.

You now take out of your pocket an unusual prop that looks like a little rattle whose end is equipped with LEDs. You explain that it is a “Mind Scanner“ and immediately turn it on. Eight little LEDS light up and start to blink very quickly.

You then ask the spectator to concentrate on her card while passing the Mind Scanner over her forehead like you would do with a bar-code reader. Everyone can see the LEDs reflecting on her skin. The action only takes a couple of seconds but you explain that it is enough because all the information about the thought-of card are now stored in the device.

In order to prove that all this is true, you invite the spectator to point anybody in the audience and ask that person to watch the “Mind Scanner“ while you start twirling the device. It is then that something totally unbelievable happens: the name of the selected card appears in mid-air in bright luminous letters!!!

The person in the audience names that card out loud and the spectator on stage takes the card out of her pocket to show it is indeed the card that the Mind Scanner just revealed!

Simply amazing!


  1. Can be performed totally surrounded and in any conditions: close-up, parlor or stage!

  2. The effect is very visual. The name of the card can be immediately recognized because the luminous letters allow an instant reading, even from far away. Plus, the fact that the inscription appears in mid-air is totally baffling and really magical.

  3. The sequence when you pass the “Mind Scanner“ over the forehead of the spectator is particularly modern and original in the spirit of the best sci-fi movies such as “The Matrix“. The way the action is performed will immediately make the audience think of a bar-code reader.

  4. You never touch the cards from the moment the spectator cuts the deck (wherever she likes) and puts her card in the pocket. The deck is then always in her hands during the selection process.

  5. Anybody can perform "Mind Scanner" as the effect does not require any skill.

  6. The use of the “Mind Scanner“ is not only limited to cards! You can reveal the name of someone, a city, an object, etc. Anything you can write with letters and/or numbers! You can use the device in any effect where you need a strong final revelation. Extra ideas and routines are supplied in the instructions booklet to expand the possibilities of this unique device that you can program with any message you want.

Complete with:

  1. The Mind Scanner prop with two supplied AAA batteries.

  1. A special deck of cards (Bicycle Rider Back, poker size)

  1. Detailed instructions in English including the working of the scanner, the explanation of the main routine and many extra ideas.

40.00 €

“A very visual and entertaining card revelation!“
Matthew Field - The Magic Circular

“A great way to reveal a selected card.“
The Magic Café

Nothing is worth a test in real conditions to evaluate the impact of a new trick. I have tested and I have been totally enchanted by Boris Wild's latest creation.
Paul Maz -

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