The One-Man-Show “Crescendo“

A full magic show in parlour conditions performed by an expert on the subject!

A brilliant demonstration of hilarious, stunning and poetic magic in which the spectators play an active part!

A performance of close-up magic combining comedy, class and coziness which includes The Kiss Act awarded at the World Championships of Magic as well as “Pure Telepathy“ as seen on TV (watch both of them in the Videos section).

An original and exclusive performance that your guests will remember for a long time. Length: 45 to 70 min.

"You fall in love with Boris from the moment he introduces himself, not only was I amazed at his card skill I also laughed the hardest I have laughed in a very long time. The highlight of the show was definitely the kiss and butterfly routine, never have I seen something so entrancing and truly amazing. This show will make you laugh, make you cry but most of all will have you saying: How the hell did he do that?”  E.G.

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